Objectives Edit

Head to Fort Livingston[52.8, 67.2] in Northern Stranglethorn Vale to find the Darkspear emissary.

  • Head to Fort Livingston in Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

Description Edit

Da first place we check gonna be da place most likely to be attacked first. You call it Fort Livingston.

Fort Livingston be surrounded by troll ruins... It make for an easy target.

Maybe we find da emissary dere. Hopefully it ain't too late.


Another Darkspear emissary passed through some time ago telling us to be on our guard.

He mentioned some other trolls may show up, but not in spirit form, and not escorted by a <race> <class>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 16Gold 54Silver
  • 69400 XP


  • When you arrive, the Fort will be under attack from a number of Jungle Serpents and all the regular NPCs will be lying within the walls, poisoned. The NPCs cannot be used, and this includes the flight master; you can fly into the Fort, but you cannot take any flights out.
  • You will not have access to the NPCs until the quest chain is complete.


Quest progressionEdit

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