Objectives Edit

Collect 8 Threshadon Chunks from Displaced Threshadons.

Description Edit

The local wildlife's all messed up from the flood, it seems. This fen used to be full of crocolisks, but I haven't spotted a single one.

What I have spotted are threshadons. Never used to be any here, so the flood must've swept them all right out of Loch Modan.

Lucky for us, because they're tastier than crocolisks, and I'm running low on provisions. Bring me back some Threshadon meat for the camp, and I'll gladly pay you for it.

Progress Edit

Are they meaty ones? Let's have a look.

Completion Edit

Lovely. These'll fry up nice, and the camp'll be spared a week of mushroom biscuits.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 12Silver

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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