Thistleshrub Valley is a quest to kill the Thistleshrub in Thistleshrub Valley (south-west of Gadgetzan).

Objectives Edit

Tran'rek in Gadgetzan wants you to kill 8 Gnarled Thistleshrubs and 8 Thistleshrub Rootshapers.


Description Edit

Have you ever seen Thistleshrub Valley? It's a mighty dangerous place, <Name>.

Those strange beasts there, I don't trust them for a minute! Gnarled thistleshrubs and thistleshrub rootshapers, that's what I think they were called...

Anyhow, I want to get into the valley, but with so many of those thistleshrubs around, there's no way I'm going back there. But here's where you come in -- if you clear some of them out, I just might think about going back. What do you think, <Name>? Help me out?

Reward Edit

Increase in Gadgetzan Reputation.

Notes Edit

You should pick up the Neutral 15 [49] The Thirsty Goblin quest and complete that at the same time as the mobs are all in the same enclosed area.

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