Objectives Edit

Use your Arcane Torrent racial ability on a Mana Wyrm, then return to Arcanist Helion.

  • Arcane Torrent unleashed

Description Edit

If there is only one lesson you deign to remember from your time on Sunstrider Isle, let it be this - control your thirst for magic. It is a thirst unending, <name> - what you absorb must be controlled and released via Arcane Torrent. Failure is to become one of the Wretched... hopelessly addicted and insane.

Seek out a mana wyrm and unleashed your Arcane Torrent upon it. Learn to master your power. When you have sufficiently released an Arcane Torrent, return to me.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants 12

Progress Edit

It is not an option or a choice... you must quench your magical thirst. To fail in this is to fail as a blood elf. Those who thought they could control their needs without tutoring now find themselves as one of the Wretched.

You do NOT want to end up as an insane addict. Believe me.

Completion Edit

You've done well today, <name>. Your willingness to learn shows that you may very well rise above the unyielding cravings you must endure as a blood elf.

Rest not on your laurels, young one, but instead seek to master what you have learned. Only through diligence will we as a race survive.

Take this - it may be of some use to you. Go now, and bring glory once more to our people.


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