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Neutral 32 They Build a Better Bullet
StartMountain-Lord Rendan
EndMountain-Lord Rendan
CategorySearing Gorge
Experience650 XP
or 3Silver89Copper at Level 110
Rewards[K'Vlar Vest] or
[Rendan's Signet] or
[Dark Iron Gun]
PreviousIn the Hall of the Mountain-Lord

Objectives Edit

Obtain 200 Dark Iron Bullets.

Description Edit

Those gorge-digging dwarves do at least one thing right: they make very high-quality bullets. I've been unable to reproduce their results, so I've taken to stealing whatever bullets of theirs that I can find.

Ye want my help? Get me a couple hundred bullets from those marksmen below.

I'm sure they'll be happy to give ye their bullets one at a time, but you might find it faster just to look for the crates filled with them.

Progress Edit

A real <class> woulda caught the bullets with <his/her> teeth.

Completion Edit

I'll just divvy these up amongst the guards. Ye have my thanks.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest plate27v1
[K'Vlar Vest]
Inv jewelry ring 81
[Rendan's Signet]
Inv weapon rifle 40
[Dark Iron Gun]

You will also receive: 70Silver

Notes Edit

Pick up Siege!, Set Them Ablaze! and The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard before heading out. Marksmen (east of Iron Summit) and Lookouts (guarding the four towers) carry a few bullets each, but Dark Iron Bullets crates contain a lot! Incredibly, getting shot also nets a bullet each time!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Complete all of:
    • Jack Rockleg
    1. Neutral 15 [47] A New Master... But Who?
    2. Neutral 15 [47] Dig-Boss Dinwhisker
    • Burian Coalpart
    1. Neutral 15 [47] The Fewer, the Better
    2. Neutral 15 [47] Out of Place / Neutral 15 [47] A Lumbering Relic
    • Lunk / Prisanne
    1. Neutral 15 [47] Lunk's Task
    2. Neutral 15 [47] Lunk No Kill
    3. Neutral 15 [47] A Proper Antivenom
  2. Neutral 15 [48] Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood
  3. Complete all of:
  4. Neutral 15 [49] In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord
  5. Neutral 15 [49] Siege! / Neutral 15 [49] Set Them Ablaze! / Neutral 15 [49] They Build a Better Bullet
  6. Neutral 15 [49] Deceit
  7. Neutral 15 [49] Lunk's Adventure: Rendan's Weakness
  8. Neutral 15 [49] The Mountain-Lord's Support
  9. Neutral 15 [49] Operation: Stir the Cauldron
  10. Neutral 15 [49] Slavery is Bad / Neutral 15 [49] Sweet, Horrible Freedom / Neutral 15 [49] Rise, Obsidion
  11. Neutral 15 [50] Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation
  12. Neutral 15 [50] Twisted Twilight Ties
  13. Neutral 15 [50] From Whence He Came
  14. Neutral 15 [50] Welcome to the Brotherhood

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