Quest:These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks

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Neutral 32 These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
StartSungshin Ironpaw
EndSungshin Ironpaw
Experience294,000 XP
or 17Gold64Silver at Level 110
Rewards24Gold 72Silver
PreviousIs That A Real Measurement?
NextThe Secret Ingredient Is...

Objectives Edit

Create a Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit and collect 50 Fatty Turtle Steaks.

Description Edit

I'm so excited, <name>. We've nearly mastered all the ingredients for noodle soup!

We have plenty of vegetables and spices here, but the Lin family had access to exotic meats not seen in Pandaria for some time. We need some nice, fatty meats.

Grandpa used to tell me of ancient turtles living off the shores of the Timeless Isle. Something that lives that long has to have some nice fatty meat on its bones.

Create a deluxe noodle cart and gather some fatty turtle steaks and we'll continue.

Progress Edit

I can just taste the soup now!

Completion Edit

Ooh, these will do nicely, <name>.

Now for the final step: the Lin secret ingredient soup's secret ingredient.

That's a mouthful!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 294000 XP
  • 24Gold 72Silver

Notes Edit

  • The turtles can be found all along the western shore of the Timeless Isle.

Progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten
  2. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
  3. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Bad Feeling, Worse Result
  4. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Secrets Lost, Forever?
  5. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Catch and Carry
  6. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Is That A Real Measurement?
  7. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
  8. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Secret Ingredient Is...

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