There's No Explanation for Fashion when people want to start wearing bug parts for clothes.

Objectives Edit

Bring 8 Diaphanous Wings from any species of Zangarmarsh fireflies to Magasha in Swamprat Post.

Description Edit

<Magasha chuckles softly to herself.>

I bet if they knew they were wearing bug parts, the fashion trend would end very quickly.

We first started killing the bugs 'round here 'cause they were getting in the way of our construction. Some enterprising merchant stops here, spends the night, and next thing you know he's buyin' up all the bug wings we have!

Says he makes clothes out of 'em. I be stickin' to my armor, thanks. But if you gather the wings of any of the fireflies, I'll gladly buy 'em.

Details Edit

  • The wings can drop from any of the various needlers and stingers around Zangarmarsh.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 2Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

What's that, there? Been bitten by the wing bug, have ya?

<Magasha chuckles at her own joke.>

Completion Edit

These be fine ones, <name>. Here's your payment.

<Magasha bends one of the wings and holds it up to her head.>

Nope, not my thing, but who'm I to complain?

<Magasha shrugs.>

Coin speaks.

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