In spite of Thrall's orders that the humans of Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh are to be left alone, a clandestine war rages on in the region. Nazeer Bloodpike, the local spymaster, has recently recruited volunteers to discreetly eliminate some of Theramore infilitrators that have taken up positions to the east of Brackenwall Village in order to effectively spy on the settlement. Although a number of these infilitrators have been assassinated, it is unknown how many are still performing their duty from the cover of shadows.

The presence of Theramore infiltrators in the vicinity of Brackenwall village indicates that the understanding between Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall has probably run its course and given way to the realities of war and politics. Orcs and humans distrust each other greatly, and the recent renegade Horde bands, Theramore deserters, and the burning of the Shady Rest Inn has only fanned the flames.

Objectives Edit

Kill 9 Theramore Infiltrators, then return to Nazeer Bloodpike in Brackenwall Village.

Description Edit

The Horde and Alliance hold an uneasy truce. Outlying skirmishes and covert actions are taken by one side against the other, and it is our duty to ensure the Horde is on top!

Now is the chance to do just that.

Alliance infiltrators have taken positions east of Brackenwall Village. They spy on the village and report our movements to Theramore, which we cannot allow.

Hunt down the infiltrators and slay them. Send a clear message to their superiors that we will not tolerate their spies' presence!

Completion Edit

Good work. Their infiltrators are skilled, but they're not good enough to escape the watchful eye of the Horde!

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

Theramore Infiltrators are located on the islands at the coordinates 39,23. They are stealthed and non-hostile.

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