Quest:Theocritus' Retrieval

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Alliance 32 Theocritus' Retrieval
StartGlowing Shadowhide Pendant
Requires Level 15
Experience1,400 XP
or 8Silver40Copper at Level 110
Reputation150 Stormwind

Objectives Edit

Bring the Faded Shadowhide Pendant to Theocritus the Mage.

Description Edit

<You hear a disembodied voice...>

Do not be alarmed. I am Theocritus, High Mage of Tower Azora in Elwynn Forest. The pendant you are holding is a method of communication between the Shadowhide Gnolls and their master, Morganth.

Through months of research, I believe I too can communicate through these pendants. If you can hear this message, then my spell was a success.

Bring me this pendant and I will reward you for the service.


I spoke to you through a pendant, you say?  Hmm...give it to me, so that I might study it.


You have my gratitude, <name>.  I sent that message to the Shadowhide Pendants weeks ago and had believed it a failure.  But it seems the spell did reach at least some pendants, after a significant delay.

In time I hope to learn how to send an attack through the pendants, to immobilize any Shadowhide Gnolls who wear them.

But before that is possible, I'm afraid that much more research is required.


You will receive: 12Silver

You will receive:
Inv potion 011010


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1400 XP (or 8Silver 40Copper at level 70)

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