Quest:Theldurin the Lost

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Neutral 32 Theldurin the Lost
StartAlliance 15Gerrig Bonegrip [50, 5.45]
Horde 15Zaruk [74.3, 36.3]
EndTheldurin the Lost [50.7, 76.6]
Requires Level 32
CategoryArathi Highlands
Experience2,150 XP
or 12Silver90Copper at Level 100
PreviousMyzrael's Allies
NextThe Lost Fragmentsω τ ϖ


Find Theldurin the Lost.


Theldurin the Lost was once a member of our order, the Twilight's Hammer. But he lost his mind and scorned our teachings. And before he fled from us, he stole the scroll of Myzrael! We could not catch him, but rumors say he hides in the Badlands, gibbering and mad.

To bring the Lady back to us, you must find the scroll. And to do that, you must find Theldurin.


Hello. Hello, hello hello hello hello HELLO!

I'm sorry - wait, no I'm not! Don't be rude!

Oh no...that was crazy talk.

But...sometimes being crazy is my only solace.


  • 2150 XP (or 13Silver 20Copper at 70)

Quest progression

Quest:Myzrael's Allies (Alliance)/Quest chain Quest:Myzrael's Allies (Horde)/Quest chain

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