Objective Edit

Bring 20 Wrathtail Heads to Shindrell Swiftfire in Astranaar.

Description Edit

There is evil lurking on our northwestern coast, known as the Zoram Strand.

It is the resting place of the doomed city of Zoram, destroyed during the Sundering and submerged beneath the seas. It has been lost to the night elves for ages. Lost, and nearly forgotten.

Now, the naga have returned, and for what reason we do not know. But reason matters little; we must slay these fiends and throw them back to the depths!

Return to me when your mission is complete.

Progress Edit

We cannot allow the naga to invade our coasts, <name>. It is vital that you go to the Zoram Strand and complete your mission.

Completion Edit

Very well done, <name>. Your actions in the Zoram Strand against the naga are commendable.

I know your feat was not easily accomplished, for the strength and guile of the naga is well known to the night elves. We know this, for we share a history with them.

It is a history I care not to repeat.

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