Objectives Edit

Bring 15 Steam Pump Parts to K. Lee Smallfry at Telredor in Zangarmarsh.

Description Edit

Have you seen the swamp gas? Isn't it just shiny? It takes a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor to suck 'em dry though. I could give you the plans to make one, but I really need some spare parts to fix stuff 'round here. Last time I checked, there were plenty of parts laying around near the steam pump at the Dead Mire to the northeast. I think the withered giants broke the pump out there. Shall we help each other out?

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv scroll 03

Progress Edit

You got those parts yet?  I've got a compression coil to fix before Anchorite Ahuurn starts breathing down my neck!

Completion Edit

Shiny!  And really, what engineer ever has enough spare parts just hanging around?  Ooh, maybe I could sell off the extra and buy me some of that Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream?!  I just love strawberries!  Do you think they have any around here? Ok, ok, I guess you've earned this, <name>.  Have fun!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 6600 XP (or 39Silver at level 80)

External linksEdit

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