Quest:The Writ of History

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Alliance 32 The Writ of History
StartFeralas Sentinel
EndFeralas Sentinel
CategoryThousand Needles
Experience480 XP
or 2Silver87Copper at Level 110
PreviousThe Rattle of Bones
NextThe Captive Bride

Objectives Edit

Collect the Writ of History.

Description Edit

In shu'halo myth, the Rattle of Bones is connected with the Writ of History and the Drums of War. They are supposed to be powerful tauren artifacts.

We must keep our eyes peeled if we're to find the other two. The writ will most likely look like some kind of pictographic scroll if the stories are believed.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 55Silver

Progress Edit

We'll need the actual writ, not just any tauren scroll hanging.

Completion Edit

I'm fairly certain that's it. This is very intriguing, <name>. What are they doing here? Are they being used as a weapon?

The wind serpent flew northwest to that next bluff. Maybe that's where the drums are?

Notes Edit

Pick up The Drums of War too before starting the search. The Writ can be found on Elder Stormhoof's bluff. Arikara again appears when it is looted:

Arikara yells: Have I chosen wisely, <name>?

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [42] Free Freewind Post
  2. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem in the Post / Alliance 15 [42] Save the Sentinel
  3. Alliance 15 [42] Together Again
  4. Complete all of:
    1. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe
    2. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof
    3. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud
    4. Alliance 15 [43] Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs
    • Artifacts
    1. Alliance 15 [42] The Rattle of Bones
    2. Alliance 15 [42] The Writ of History / Alliance 15 [42] The Drums of War
  5. Alliance 15 [43] The Captive Bride
  6. Neutral 15 [43] Invoking the Serpent

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