Quest:The World's Largest Gnome!

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Neutral 32 The World's Largest Gnome!
Requires Level 20
CategoryDarkmoon Faire
Reputation+250 Darkmoon Faire
Rewards8 x [Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket]

Quest Text Edit

Yebb Nebblegear is looking to add more talent to his show, and he's searching far and wide for the world's largest gnome. Do you know any gnomes of considerable size?

Well before he finds the gnome, he wants to have its costume ready. I think a barbaric harness would be a good foundation for the costume; can you make some harnesses and bring them to me? Do that, and I'll have a stack of Darkmoon Faire tickets for you...

Completion Edit

Oh dear, these are quite large!! I can't imagine finding a gnome that would fit snugly into them, but not to worry - if the gnome we find is not big enough, I can make adjustments to his costume.

Many thanks, <name>. Here are the tickets I promised you.

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