Objectives Edit

Collect 8 [Fel Moss] and bring them to Tarindrella.

Description Edit

Something evil is brewing in the forests of Teldrassil. Look long the hills to where the peaceful furbolgs used to dwell. They have deserted their homes and are amassing under the name of the Gnarlpine tribe.

Only the corruption of wicked Fel Moss could cause such a transformation. The grells and grellkin have infested the area and are threatening the residents of Shadowglen.

Engage these grells and grellkin, <name>, and see if they are indeed caught under the enchantment of the wicked Fel Moss.


Satisfy my suspicions, <name>. Bring to me 8 Fel Moss.


Your service to the creatures of Shadowglen is worthy of reward, <name>.

You confirmed my fears, however. If the grells have become tainted by the Fel Moss, one can only imagine what has become of the Gnarlpine tribe of furbolgs who once lived here.

Should you find yourself in Dolanaar, able <class>, seek out the knowledgeable druid, Athridas Bearmantle. He shares our concern for the well being of the forest.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants 02
Inv boots 01
Inv gauntlets 05

You will also receive: Inv misc herb 01 [Healing Herb] x3


Walkthrough Edit

Travel west from Tarindrella

  1. REDIRECT Template:Map/Coords to the camp of Grell and Grellkin located southwest of Aldrassil [56.0, 45.5]
    . Fel Moss will be randomly dropped by the mobs located here. Return to Tarindrella to complete the quest.

Quest Progression Edit

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