Objectives Edit

Hear the moral of Shin Stonepillar's story.

  • Listen to the shaman's fable

Description Edit

My "associate" here has some plans for you that I don't agree with. His actions are hasty, uncontrolled, and irresponsible, and you may end up paying for them with your life.

Before you work with Gor, first listen to the tale that I have to tell. It's a moralistic story - a fable - but I believe its lesson will prove valuable. Speak to me when you are ready.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 3Silver 50Copper

Progress Edit

Pay close attention to the meaning behind my words, child.

Completion Edit

The moral of the story: hasty, lazy actions have ruinous results, we mustn't take shortcuts... we must work for our rewards. I've been trying to tell this story to the "Enforcer", but I fear his Hellscream-worshipping skull is a little bit too thick.

Notes Edit

Gossipgossipicon Can you tell me your fable, Shin?

One day, The Wolf was very hungry, so he ran east to look for some food.
The Wolf had grown tired of eating boar meat.
He scoured the sands of Durotar, hunting for his prey.
He happened upon a pair of battling kodos.
Clever as he was, The Wolf decided to wait for one to defeat the other.
When the weaker Kodo died, The Wolf approached and tried to eat it.
The remaining Kodo, angry at The Wolf's impetuousness,
swiftly killed The Wolf before he had a chance to eat.

Quests progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [10] The Wolf and The Kodo
  2. Horde 15 [10] Ignoring the Warnings

Videos Edit

How to Complete The Wolf and The Kodo In World Of Warcraft 201300:41

How to Complete The Wolf and The Kodo In World Of Warcraft 2013

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