Quest:The Wildlife Suffers Too

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Neutral 32 The Wildlife Suffers Too
StartMulgris Deepriver
EndMulgris Deepriver
Requires Level 51
CategoryWestern Plaguelands
Experience5,900 XP
or 35Silver39Copper at Level 110

Objective Edit

Destroy 8 Diseased Wolves, and then return to Mulgris Deepriver at the Writhing Haunt, Western Plaguelands.

Description Edit

While there was little I could do alone to thwart the Scourge, I nevertheless came to these lands to try and heal the damage done to nature. Animals suffer from the plague that continues to choke these lands, unable to find mercy and peace. I ask for you to continue what I could not finish here.

There is no salvation for the suffering animals but a sweet and merciful release. Seek out diseased wolves nearby and put them down. Please <name>, end their misery - doing so will surely soothe mine.

I ask of you to end their misery as well. The only cure for their suffering is a swift death, one that must be ministered by your hand.

Completion Edit

I... I sense that the souls of those wolves you have put down now have rest. They - and I - thank you for a merciful release.

The wolves are not alone in their suffering within this damnable place, <name>. Please, I have need of you once more.

Gains Edit

Quest Progression Edit

Notes Edit

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