Quest:The Way of the Sunwalkers

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Horde 32 The Way of the Sunwalkers
StartSunwalker Helaku
EndSunwalker Helaku
Requires Level 3
Experience130 XP
or 77Copper at Level 100
Reputation+75 Thunder Bluff
PreviousConsecrated Note

Objectives Edit

Learn Seal of Righteousness and Judgment of Light from Sunwalker Helaku. Locate a Training Dummy in Camp Narache and practice using Judgment of Light.

  • Learn Seal of Righteousness
  • Learn Judgment of Light
  • Practice using Judgment of Light

Description Edit

It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow sunwalker. We are not as numerous as some of the more ancient orders, but our ways are no less powerful and our members no less respected.

Allow me to teach you one of our most basic techniques -- seals and judgments. Using Seal of Righteousness allows you do deal extra holy damage with each swing, and using Judgment of Light, all who attack your enemy will have a chance to be healed.

Try it for yourself.

Progress Edit

Have you mastered the use of your first seal and judgment?

Completion Edit

You have made me proud, <name>. You will make a fine sunwalker. Return when you desire further training.

Quest progression Edit

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