Quest:The Valiant's Charge (Horde)

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Horde 32 The Valiant's Charge
StartGrand champions
EndGrand champions
Requires Level 80
CategoryArgent Tournament
Reputation+250 The Sunreavers
Rewards13Gold 23Silver
PreviousA Valiant Of Silvermoon
A Valiant Of Undercity
A Valiant Of Orgrimmar
A Valiant Of Thunder Bluff
A Valiant Of Sen'jin
NextThe Valiant's Challenge

Quest givers Edit

The following NPCs offer this quest:

Objectives Edit

Bring 25 Valiant's Seals to <Grand Champion> at the Argent Tournament Grounds.

Description Edit

In your training as a valiant, you'll have the chance to test your skills against valiants representing other cities. Although a valiant's battles are not a formal part of the competition, you will learn valuable lessons about the fighting styles and weaknesses of your opponents.

The valiants are a spirited lot, competing amongst themselves for honor and notoriety.

Train as a valiant until you are confident of your ability to best all who face you, then bring me the seals you have earned.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 13Gold 23Silver

Progress Edit

Are you ready to demonstrate your mastery of the valiant's skills?

Completion Edit

Impressive, valiant. I will make the arrangements for your test immediately.

Patch changes Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [80] The Argent Tournament
  2. Official horde mini-icon [80] Up To The Challenge and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Aspirant's Seals] to continue. (15 seals at 5 per day)
  3. Official horde mini-icon [80] The Aspirant's Challenge
  4. Players will be offered one of these quests based on their race:
  5. Official horde mini-icon [80] The Valiant's Charge and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Valiant's Seals] to continue. (25 seals at 5 per day)
  6. Official horde mini-icon [80] The Valiant's Challenge
  7. Official horde mini-icon [80] A Champion Rises

After completing "The Valiant's Challenge", the following quests open up allowing players to repeat the valiant stage of daily quests (steps six and seven) for the other factions with which they have not yet earned the right to champion:

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