Quest:The Ultrasonic Screwdriver

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Alliance 32 The Ultrasonic Screwdriver
Start[The Ultrasonic Screwdriver]
EndCrafty Wobblesprocket
CategoryBorean Tundra
Experience2,000 XP
or 12Silver at Level 110
Reputation+10 Valiance Expedition
NextMaster and Servant


Deliver the Ultrasonic Screwdriver to Crafty Wobblesprocket at Fizzcrank Airstrip.


The unit you just dismantled had this inside of its mechanical innards.

It looks pretty complicated... certainly someone back at the airstrip would want to take a look at it. Maybe Crafty Wobblesprocket?




My screwdriver... you've found my screwdriver! I've been wondering where that thing got lost.

Hmm, you found it inside one of their robots, you say? That gives me an idea....


The screwdriver can be found in any mech in the pools. It is worth the trouble to fulfill this quest as soon as you find Inv misc screwdriver 02 [The Ultrasonic Screwdriver]. The followup quest will give you Inv misc screwdriver 02 [The Ultrasonic Screwdriver], a tool which is very useful for questing in this area.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [71] The Ultrasonic Screwdriver
  2. Alliance 15 [71] Master and Servant

Pop Culture ReferenceEdit

The Ultrasonic Screwdriver could be reference to the sonic screwdriver, a fictional tool in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

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