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Alliance 32 The Tower of Althalaxx
StartSentinel Elissa Starbreeze
EndBalthule Shadowstrike [54, 24]
Requires Level 13
Experience675 XP
or 4Silver4Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Darnassus
NextAlliance 15 [18] The Tower of Althalaxx (2)ω τ ϖ

This quest starts the The Tower of Althalaxx quest chain quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Find Balthule Shadowstrike near the Tower of Althalaxx in Darkshore.

Description Edit

Hail, young <race>. I am Elissa Starbreeze, and it is my charge to protect Auberdine from harm.

To this end, I sent Balthule Shadowstrike to observe the strange happenings around the Tower of Althalaxx to the northeast.

It is past time that he should have returned. I worry that he has encountered some unforeseen danger in the forest. I would be most appreciative if you would find him and see that he is doing well.

Completion Edit

Elissa sent you? Then it is good tidings you bring. I have troubling news to report to her, and had no means with which to deliver it.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

To reach the Tower: Get out of Auberdine itself by heading east-ish. Then just follow the path north all the way - you'll go past Bashal'Aran and over Cliffspring River. Stay on the path the whole way, cause there are a lot of enemies around. A short while after the river, you'll come to the tower. It's big, you can't miss it. Plus it's an area in itself so you'll 'discover' it.

Note that the mobs within the tower are significantly higher level than those outside the tower.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [18] The Tower of Althalaxx
  2. Alliance 15 [18] The Tower of Althalaxx
  3. Alliance 15 [18] The Tower of Althalaxx
  4. Alliance 15 [21] The Tower of Althalaxx
  5. Alliance 15 [24] The Tower of Althalaxx
  6. Alliance 15 [28] The Tower of Althalaxx
  7. Alliance 15 [28] The Tower of Althalaxx
  8. Alliance 15 [31] The Tower of Althalaxx
  9. Alliance 15 [31] The Tower of Althalaxx

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