/Lay down to be examined by Doc Mixilpixil. How can he find the cure if he can't find the cause?

  • Diagnosis Complete


Oh my, you look like death. Correction - I've seen death, you look worse than death. You, <sir/miss>, would be what death coughed up at his last physical.

Hah! You hear that Noarm? Write that one down!

  • Cough* Hrm yes, in order for me to help you, I'll need to draw some blood. Don't worry, it only hurts the first few... fifty times or so... /lay down when you're ready for the treatment, <name>.


Give me a moment to confer with my colleagues, <name>. Dr. Montgomery, Mr. Noarm, let us conference!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 155 experience


This quest is meant to lead to curing the Touch of Zanzil the character is afflicted with earlier in the quest chain. Curing the poison otherwise before initiating the quest makes it not only unnecessary but due to a minor bug also impossible to complete.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [20] Mathias and the Defias
  2. Alliance 15 [24] Klaven's Tower
  3. Alliance 15 [20] The Touch of Zanzil
  4. Alliance 15 [20] The Touch of Zanzil
  5. Alliance 15 [20] The Touch of Zanzil

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