Objectives Edit

Escort the Mag'har Captive out of Sunspring Post. Speak to Garrosh at Garadar if you succeed.

  • Free the Mag'har Captive

Description Edit

Thank you, stranger. They would have surely killed me had it not been for you. I was kidnapped by these Murkbloods 3 nights ago during a nighttime raid on Garadar. What I have since uncovered may very well shake the foundation of the Outland: these savages seek to recover the totem of Kar'dash! We cannot allow the totem to fall into the hands of the Murkbloods! You must help me escape. And stranger, if I do not make it back to Garadar, you must tell Garrosh what happened here...

Completion Edit

What does it matter? The Greatmother is dying. Life is not worth living...

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

  • At the first turn in Sunspring Post, the Mag'har Captive will scream "FROST SHOCK!!!" Possibly a reference to the famous "Realm Switcher" video.
  • You must complete this quest to unlock the Greatmother Geyah quest chain.
  • Upon successfully escorting the Mag'har Captive out from the ruined village, he will say the following:
It is best that we split up now, in case they send more after us. Hopefully one of us will make it back to Garrosh. Farewell, stranger.

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