Objectives Edit

Escort the Kurenai Captive out of Sunspring Post. Speak to Arechron at Telaar if you succeed.

  • Free the Kurenai Captive

Description Edit

I would have been killed had you not come along, stranger. They have already murdered so many Kurenai in their search for a lost relic. What they seek is the totem of Kar'dash. Why they think that we would know anything about this totem, I cannot understand. Is a totem not an orcish implement by nature? This information must be taken back to Arechron. Perhaps he knows why Murkblood are kidnapping Kurenai and torturing them for information regarding an orcish device. Let's go before more come.

Completion Edit

Yes, I know of the totem... but there is much more to this story. Alas, I lack the authority to reveal this information to you. Only the chosen may be privy to such knowledge.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


This quest is only available when you are Honored with the Kurenai

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