Quest:The Thunder King

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Neutral 32 The Thunder King
CategoryVeiled Stair
Experience23,600 XP
or 1Gold41Silver59Copper at Level 100
Reputation+10 The Black Prince
Rewards1Gold 98Silver 50Copper
PreviousOfficial alliance mini-icon [90] Call of the Packmaster
Official horde mini-icon [90] The Soul of the Horde
NextSecrets of the First Empire

Objectives Edit

Contact Wrathion on the second floor of the Tavern in the Mists in the Veiled Stair.

Description Edit

Are you aware of recent events in Kun-Lai Summit? The Zandalari have landed on the northern shores in great numbers and have set about renewing old alliances. To that end, they have resurrected The Thunder King.

Even among the mogu, the name of the first emperor commands awe and fear. The Thunder King founded a vast empire of slavery and suffering... but also of power, riches, and splendor.

We will take the fight to him soon. Find me when your faction makes its move.

Completion Edit

The Sunreavers and the Kirin-Tor are mounting an assault on the Thunder King's base of operations! My new friend here and I were just discussing the ramifications of their attack.

You and I can stand to benefit from the situation, <name>. I have a few ideas...

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

  • Depending on when players completed the previous quest, this quest might be skipped.

Progression Edit

  1. Both 15 [90] Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. Neutral 15 [90] A Legend in the Making
  3. Neutral 15 [90] The Strength of One's Foes
  4. Neutral 15 [90] Trial of the Black Prince
  5. Neutral 15 [90] Fear Itself
  6. Neutral 15 [90] Breath of the Black Prince
  7. Neutral 15 [90] Incoming...
  8. Both 15 [90] The Measure of a Leader
  9. Both 15 [90] A Test of Valor
  10. Both 15 [90] The Prince's Pursuit
  11. Official alliance mini-icon [90] The Lion Roars / Official horde mini-icon [90] Glory to the Horde
  12. Both 15 [90] A Change in Command
  13. Official alliance mini-icon [90] Call of the Packmaster / Official horde mini-icon [90] The Soul of the Horde
  14. Neutral 15 [90] The Thunder King or Neutral 15 [90] Meet Me Upstairs or Neutral 15 [90] Secrets of the First Empire
  15. Neutral 15 [90] I Need a Champion
  16. Neutral 15 [90] The Thunder Forge
  17. Neutral 15 [90] Spirit of the Storm Lord
  18. Neutral 15 [90] The Crown of Heaven
  19. Neutral 15 [90] Echoes of the Titans
  20. Neutral 15 [90] Heart of the Thunder King
  21. Neutral 15 [90] A Reckoning
  22. Neutral 15 [90] Celestial Blessings
  23. Neutral 15 [90] Cloak of Virtue
  24. Neutral 15 [90] Preparing to Strike
  25. Neutral 15 [90] A Timeless Discovery
  26. Complete the following:
  27. Neutral 15 [90] A Pandaren Legend
  28. Neutral 15 [90] Judgment of the Black Prince

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