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Objectives Edit

Read from the Tablet of Theka to learn the name of the Witherbark spider god, then return to Master Gadrin.

  • Find the Spider God's name

Description Edit

The Witherbarks worship a spider god, and from her they collect their most potent venom. So if you want the venom, then you must summon their god!

To do that, you must know her true name, and that name is on a tablet buried in Tanaris, in the troll city of Zul'Farrak, in a tomb guarded by Theka the Martyr.

Defeat Theka and find and read his tablet to discover the spider god's name. When you know it, return to me.

Rewards Edit

Completion Edit

Ah, Elortha no Shadra... speak this name only in whispers, for its utterance carries much weight in the realms of the spirit.

I will put it to parchment and create for you a spell of summoning...

Notes Edit

This quest is part of a chain.

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