Objectives Edit

Search Tor'Watha to the southeast of the Farstrider Retreat for Spearcrafter Otembe and bring Otembe's Hammer to Arathel Sunforge at the Farstrider Retreat in Eversong Woods.

Description Edit

The Amani and the sin'dorei have a long history of mutual dislike and open hostility. That doesn't prevent me from appreciating a fellow craftsman's work, <name>.

I've come across pieces of Amani weaponry and I must admit I'm impressed by the quality of their work. It is rumored that Spearcrafter Otembe wields a magical hammer that is so light and well-balanced it allows him to work with great dexterity and efficiency.

If you bring me this tool I'll use it to craft you a weapon.

Progress Edit

You've brought me Otembe's hammer, <name>?

Completion Edit

There's truth to the rumors, <name>. This hammer is light and strong at once; I shall manage to complete several of my unfinished projects. And of course, I'll let you have first pick.

Reward Edit

You will receive 3Silver 50Copper

You will be able to choose from
Inv sword 06
Inv staff 38
Inv weapon shortblade 05

Gains Edit

External linksEdit

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