Quest:The Source of the Madness

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Obtain a Whispering Blue Stone from Kurzen troops within the Stockpile[59.4, 18.9].

Description Edit

After reducing the basilisk blood out of the elixir, I've uncovered an unusual precipitate. It appears to be a blue crystal of some sort...

<Brother Nimetz consults his notes.>

It's not a [singing blue crystal]... not a [pulsing blue shard]...

<He flips forward a few pages.>

... not a piece of the [Mind's Eye]. Nope, this isn't something we've seen before in Stranglethorn. If anyone has any more of this substance, I want it. Check the high-ranking Kurzen troops, in the back of their cave.

Progress Edit

Make sure you handle that stuff carefully, <name>. We don't know what it is.

Completion Edit

<Brother Nimetz opens up a pouch and lets you place the crystal inside.>

I knew they'd have some more of this substance. I'm going to send this to my contacts at Fort Livingston, to the south. Hopefully they'll have some more luck with it.

Thank you for everything, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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