Quest:The Shattered Necklace

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Alliance 32 The Shattered Necklace
Start[Shattered Necklace]
EndTalvash del Kissel
Requires Level 37
Experience3,300 XP
or 19Silver80Copper at Level 110
NextAlliance 15 [41] Lore for a Priceω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Search for the original creator of the shattered necklace to learn of its potential value.


You have found a tarnished necklace, though the tarnish belies intricate and magical craftsmanship. The necklace has been shattered, as its setting appears to be missing three gems. On the underside of the necklace is the faint imprint of the city seal for Ironforge. Below the seal are three tiny, engraved letters: "TdK".

If there is anything to be gleaned from the necklace, you will need to learn about its origins. Perhaps the seal and the initials are a start...


You've got the wrong gnome, pal! I was never there! You can't prove anything!

Wait a second... who are you? What the... where did you find this necklace at?


Yes... I am the jeweler who made this necklace. I also am not in the business of handing out information as though it were free. Information is never free, friend. If I am going to help you out, you need to help ME out first.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3300 XP (or 19Silver 80Copper at level 70)

Quest progressionEdit

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