Another quest in the Learning from the Crystals quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Get an Altered Crystal Sample using the Crystal Mining Pick on the Altered Bloodmyst Crystal and bring it to Harbinger Mikolaas in Blood Watch.

Quest text Edit

Now that we have the baseline crystal, we're going to need samples from more dangerous areas of the island to complete the set I'll be sending to the Exodar.

The next sample must come from the crystals controlled by the blood elves in the Bladewood area to the northwest of Blood Watch. I have heard reports that they alter and harvest the crystals for use in some magical apparatus. See if you can find one that has not yet been incorporated into one of their devices, and mine a sample from it.

Progress Edit

Do you have the second crystal sample?

Completion Edit

<Harbinger Mikolaas examines the crystal shard.>

This shard is much different from the initial sample.

<Harbinger Mikolaas holds the crystal up to catch the light.>

Do you see how it pulsates like that? That's worrisome. I'll make a note in my report of the alterations the blood elves appear to have made to this crystal. Thank you again for your help, <name>.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

The Bladewood area is directly Northwest of Blood Watch. The Altered Bloodmyst Crystal [45, 47] that you are looking for is in the Southwest camp, underneath one of the large hovering crystals. (The other hovering crystals in the area do not have anything notable underneath them.)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [11] Learning from the Crystals
  2. Alliance 15 [14] The Missing Survey Team
  3. Alliance 15 [14] Salvaging the Data
  4. Alliance 15 [14] The Second Sample
  5. Alliance 15 [18] The Final Sample

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