Quest:The Scent of Lar'korwi

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Neutral 32 The Scent of Lar'korwi
StartTorwa Pathfinder
EndTorwa Pathfinder
Requires Level 48
CategoryUn'Goro Crater
Experience7,600 XP
or 45Silver60Copper at Level 110
PreviousThe Fare of Lar'korwiω τ ϖ
NextThe Bait for Lar'korwiω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Bring 2 Ravasaur Pheromone Glands to Torwa Pathfinder near the entrance to Un'Goro Crater.

Description Edit

I'm actually surprised he has not come for you yet, <name>. But all is well, for I have a final plan that will bring the monster to us.

Being the dominant male gives Lar'korwi rights to breed with any female he chooses--and he chooses many of them. You'll find many ravasaur eggs to the west of here. Get close to them and you should provoke an attack by his mates. The females produce an awful smell from a gland in their heads that allow males to know they are ready to breed. Bring me two of those glands.

Progress Edit

Be careful, <name>. Getting close to any of nest of eggs surely will provoke the mothers... even if you've already secured a gland from one. The mothers can be just as deadly as Lar'korwi himself when they fight to protect their young. But, if you are successful, then we shall have a definitive way of bringing Lar'korwi out from hiding.

Completion Edit

Ah, fine specimens, <name>. The two pieces you've found should be perfect for baiting Lar'korwi into the open. I cannot wait to see the outcome of your fight with the monster. He is a massive thing with claws as sharp as the finest blades. You will look into his eyes and you will know death.

Gains Edit

  • 7600 XP (or 45Silver at 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15 [53] The Fare of Lar'korwi
  2. Neutral 15 [53] The Scent of Lar'korwi
  3. Neutral 15 [56] The Bait for Lar'korwi
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