Objectives Edit

Give the Rattle of Bones to the Feralas Sentinel at Darkcloud Pinnacle in Thousand Needles.

Description Edit

A tauren rattle lays here, exuding supernatural power. It's keepers slain, the artifact is undefended.

Perhaps the sentinel will have some insight into its significance?

("Perhaps the sentinel will have information concering the Rattle of Bones?")

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 55Silver

Progress Edit

That's the fabled Rattle of Bones, <name>!

Completion Edit

It's true then! What is it doing here, though? And if it's here, that must mean that the writ and the drums are also nearby!

Maybe there's some link between it and the wind serpent that just appeared? I think that I've an idea what that creature is as well.

Notes Edit

On Accept, Arikara, an elite wind serpent spawns and hovers over the player and the sentinel for a few seconds before flying away to the northwest.

Arikara yells: Follow.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [42] Free Freewind Post
  2. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem in the Post / Alliance 15 [42] Save the Sentinel
  3. Alliance 15 [42] Together Again
  4. Complete all of:
    1. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe
    2. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof
    3. Alliance 15 [42] Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud
    4. Alliance 15 [43] Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs
    • Artifacts
    1. Alliance 15 [42] The Rattle of Bones
    2. Alliance 15 [42] The Writ of History / Alliance 15 [42] The Drums of War
  5. Alliance 15 [43] The Captive Bride
  6. Neutral 15 [43] Invoking the Serpent

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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