Quest:The Power Of Blood, Frost And Unholy

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Neutral 32 The Power of Blood, Frost And Unholy
StartLord Thorval
EndLord Thorval
Requires Level 55
CategoryDeath Knight
Experience12,250 XP
or 73Silver50Copper at Level 100


Within the Hall of Command you will find the schools of blood, frost and unholy. Each school has a trainer that can provide you with knowledge in the various dark arts.

I, Lord Thorval, am the headmaster of the school of blood. Lady Alistra reigns over the unholy and the arch-lich, Amal'thazad, holds dominion over frost.

You must return here whenever you gain power and train!


Just a reminder that death knights are unique... One trainer for each of the three schools...

Quest progression

Quest:In Service of The Lich King

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