Quest:The Pack Mistress

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Horde 32 The Pack Mistress
StartGalamav the Marksman
EndGalamav the Marksman
Requires Level 55
Experience6,400 XP
or 38Silver39Copper at Level 100
ReputationOrgrimmar +250
Rewards1Gold 80Silver

The Pack Mistress sends the players into Lower Blackrock Spire to find and defeat Halycon, the den mistress of the worgs.

Objectives Edit

Slay Halycon, pack mistress of the Bloodaxe worg.

Description Edit

Some say the worg controlled by the Blackrock orcs are the creation of a supernatural force. Others say they are not true worg but instead a breed of demon dog, granted to the orcs by a fallen pit lord.

The truth is far less contrived but every bit as frightening. The worg of Blackrock come from Halycon and her mate. Halycon is the gigantic den mother of the worg. Her mate? Nobody has ever lived to tell the tale of that one.

Strike at the heart of the worg. Destroy Halycon... and <name>, watch your back.

Details Edit

Halycon is surrounded by several non-elite pups which can be easily managed. When she dies, she will cry and and summon her mate, Gizrul the Slavener. He will arrive after a little while so a good plan is to run to the back of the room after Halycon dies. Gizrul will aggro if everyone is at the back of the room. Once everyone is healed up, you can take on Gizrul.

Reward Edit

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:

Inv chest cloth 07
Inv chest plate06

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