Speak to Ikuti at the Orebor Harborage


As you know, many of Telredor's inhabitants are refugees from the war that decimated the draenei. It is my goal to maintain Telredor as a safe haven for all of our allies in this struggle. There are some who desire to join us, but feel they are not yet ready.

We owe them whatever help we can provide, <player>. A group of Broken under the leadership of Ikuti have taken shelter in the ruins of an old temple to the northwest of Serpent Lake. Seek them out and extend your hand in friendship to them.


If Anchorite Ahuurn counts you a friend, then you may prove trustworthy. Please forgive my wariness, <race>, but it is often all that stands between my people and death. You are welcome to shelter among us, and perhaps our mutual trust will grow.

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