Quest:The Ogres of Feralas (1)

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Horde 32 The Ogres of Feralas
StartRok Orhan
EndRok Orhan
Requires Level 38
Experience3,750 XP
or 22Silver50Copper at Level 100
ReputationOrgrimmar +150
PreviousOfficial horde mini-icon [43] A Threat in Feralas
NextOfficial horde mini-icon [44] The Ogres of Feralas

Objectives Edit

Rok Orhan in Camp Mojache wants you to kill 10 Gordunni Ogres, 10 Gordunni Ogre-Magi, and 5 Gordunni Brutes.

Description Edit

The effects of the Gordunni Ogre tribe can hardly go unnoticed in this area. Look around, <name>; their very presence scars this land. We must push them back before they expand even further into Feralas.

Follow the river north, and you will find their outpost. Decrease their numbers, <name>. We must show them that their kind is not wanted here.

Rewards Edit

You will receive 45Silver.

Completion Edit

Excellent, <name>. In time, the land will heal. We must not give up.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [43] A Threat in Feralas
  2. Official horde mini-icon [43] The Ogres of Feralas (1)
  3. Official horde mini-icon [44] The Ogres of Feralas (2)

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