Quest:The New Horde

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Horde 32 The New Horde
StartHorde 15 Eitrigg
EndHorde 15 Gornek
Requires Level 1
Were you looking for the in-game book, The New Horde?

Objective Edit

Report to Gornek in the Den.

Description Edit

Throm'ka, <class>. I am Eitrigg, charged by Thrall to oversee the training of recruits.

The Horde has changed from what it once was. There was a time where I left the Horde, disillusioned by the growing influence of the power-hungry pawns of the Burning Legion. During my exile, I was taken prisoner by a group of humans, but was rescued by the Warchief. Hearing his vision of the Horde free of demonic influence, guided by the shamans, I returned.

Gornek will have further instructions for you.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

  • Gornek is just inside the cave of the Den.
  • Completing this quest will allow one to receive another quest: Horde 15 [1] Your Place In The World.

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