Quest:The Missing Scout

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Alliance 32 The Missing Scout
StartVindicator Aldar [79, 51]
EndTolaan [71, 60]
Requires Level 2
CategoryAmmen Vale
Experience110 XP
or 66Copper at Level 100
Reputation+25 Exodar
NextThe Blood Elves

The Missing Scout is an Alliance-only quest in which players must locate one of Vindicator Aldar's scouts, named Tolaan.

Objectives Edit

Find and speak with Tolaan at Shadow Ridge in Ammen Vale.

Description Edit

We now have several separate confirmations of unusual activity up on the Shadow Ridge.

This is disturbing; we thought that the scouting missions already undertaken had been thorough. One of my scouts hasn't reported back yet.

<class>, I need you to head southwest to the other side of Silverline Lake and find Tolaan, and see what has delayed him.

Completion Edit

Help... blood elves! They... ambushed... me. Don't have... long.

Gains Edit

Details Edit

Tolaan is kneeling near the blood elf encampment, which is to the southwest of the Crash Site. The area is known as Shadow Ridge. Talk to Tolaan to complete this quest.

How to Get This Quest Edit

After turning in Inoculation to Vindicator Aldar at the Crash Site, he will offer this quest.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [4] Vindicator Aldar
  2. Alliance 15 [4] Inoculation
  3. Alliance 15 [5] The Missing Scout
  4. Alliance 15 [4] The Blood Elves
  5. Alliance 15 [5] Blood Elf Spy

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