Quest:The Missing Diplomat (3)

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Alliance 32 The Missing Diplomat (3)
EndElling Trias
Requires Level 28
CategoryStormwind City
Experience230 XP
or 1Silver37Copper at Level 100
Reputation+75 Stormwind
PreviousThe Missing Diplomat (2)
NextThe Missing Diplomat (4)

This quest is part of the quest chain The Missing Diplomat quest chain.


Delivery Jorgen's Sealed Note to Elling Trias in Stormwind City.


Take this here note to Elling Trias. Don't say nothin' else to him. Just be polite and wait for him to respond. And don't worry, he will.

I'm gonna only impress this on ya once more, <name>: treat this matter seriously, and keep your yapper shut.

Ya can find Trias at his cheese shop, Trias' Cheese, in the Trade District. Good luck.


Hello, <name>. Is there something I can do for you? Perhaps you'd like to try some of our special Trias cheddar? Or a block of Darnassian bleu?


I'm sorry, a letter for me? Well, I'll be... not often you get a delivery that's not a crate or barrel when all you do is work. Let's see what this is about.

<Elling looks up at you while he opens the letter.>

You look a little tense, you okay, <name>?



You may have already encountered Elling Trias during the Lescovar Incident quest chain.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 1)
  2. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 2)
  3. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 3)
  4. Alliance 15 [28] The Missing Diplomat (Part 4)
  5. Alliance 15 [30] The Missing Diplomat (Part 5)
  6. Alliance 15 [30] The Missing Diplomat (Part 6)
  7. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 7)
  8. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 8)
  9. Alliance 15 [31] The Missing Diplomat (Part 9)
  10. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 10)
  11. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 11)
  12. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 12)
  13. Alliance 15 [33] The Missing Diplomat (Part 13)
  14. Alliance 15 [35] The Missing Diplomat (Part 14)
  15. Alliance 15 [36] The Missing Diplomat (Part 15)
  16. Alliance 15 [38] The Missing Diplomat (Part 16)
  17. Alliance 15 [38] The Missing Diplomat (Part 17)

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