Quest:The Manor, Ravenholdt

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Neutral 32 The Manor, Ravenholdt
StartInv letter 04 [Elegant Letter]
Requires Level 24
TypeRogue Only, Solo
Experience200 XP
or 1Silver19Copper at Level 100
ReputationRavenholdt +250
NextSyndicate Emblems

Objectives Edit

Take the Seal of Ravenholdt to Fahrad at Ravenholdt Manor, hidden away in the hills of Hillsbrad.

Your cunning will be tested along the way. Be prepared.

Description Edit


Ravenholdt has taken an interest in you, young thief. We have been watching. Your style is a bit awkward but nothing we couldn't fix.

Should you be prepared to embark on a career as a disciple of Master Ravenholdt and member of the Assassin's League, you have only to bring the Seal of Ravenholdt (attached to this letter) to Ravenholdt Manor.

Your first task is to find the manor, hidden away in the hills of Hillsbrad and demonstrate your cunning.



Progress Edit

Did you meet Milton?

<Fahrad laughs.>

Completion Edit

Most excellent, young thief.

You look a bit beaten down, but no worse for the wear.

A long journey awaits you - long and rewarding. Are you prepared to finally embrace your destiny among the masters of Ravenholdt?

Speak with the guards outside. They will get you started.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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