Quest:The Love Potion

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Neutral 32 The Love Potion
StartMistress Nagmara
EndMistress Nagmara
Requires Level 50
CategoryBlackrock Depths
Experience4,350-5,450 XP
or 10Silver80Copper at Level 100
Rewards[Manacle Cuffs] or [Nagmara's Whipping Belt]
"Oh, the pains of love!" — Mistress Nagmara[TCG src]

Objectives Edit

Bring 4 Gromsblood, 10 Giant Silver Veins and Nagmara's Filled Vial to Mistress Nagmara in Blackrock Depths.

Description Edit

Oh, the pains of love! My dear Private Rocknot is immune to my charms. I am spurned! It's maddening!

You must help me! We succubi know much of love, and I can make a potion to beat down the iron walls around Rocknot's heart. To make it, I need these items: the herb gromsblood, giant silver veins from the cliff giants of Azshara, and water from the Golakka Springs Crater in Un'Goro. You can place the water in this vial.

Please, <name>, help a poor soul in her quest for happiness!

Reward Edit

Choose One
Inv bracer 13

Also 80Silver

Progress Edit

Do you have the ingredients? The hole in my heart threatens to consume me!

Completion Edit

Oh, you've done it! I can now make my potion and use it on Rocknot. Finally, he will fall victim to my charms!

Thank you, <name>. You are a champion of love!

Notes Edit

Mistress Nagmara provides you with [Nagmara's Vial]. Take this to the Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro to fill the vial. Gromsblood can be picked by herbalists or bought from the auction house. Giant Silver Veins drop off the elite giants throughout Azshara. They are mostly found in the northeast and southeast.

The vial may be filled in Un'goro Crater, at a particular spot of the Golakka Hot Springs[31, 49].

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