Quest:The Lost Tablets of Will

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Alliance 32 The Lost Tablets of Will
StartAdvisor Belgrum
EndAdvisor Belgrum
Requires Level 38
Experience5,850 XP
or 35Silver9Copper at Level 110
Rewards[Medal of Courage]
1Gold 30Silver
PreviousAn Ambassador of Evil

Objectives Edit

Find the Tablet of Will, and return them to Advisor Belgrum in Ironforge.

Description Edit

We've slowed the Shadowforge clan by cutting them off from Blackrock Spire, but Hammertoe's quest is still unfulfilled. His death must not be in vain. He dreamt of finding the Tablet of Will: a stone shard inscribed with magic by the titans themselves to help imbue their creations with life--making them have a will of their own, or so the legends say.

We must still recover the Tablet before the Shadowforge clan finds it.

Return to Uldaman, find the tablet, and return here immediately.

Progress Edit

Hammertoe's quest must be actualized, <name>. I owe him that much.

Your return to Uldaman is imperative not only to that goal, but also to the safety of all dwarven kind. With the tablet in the hands of the dark irons who knows how powerful their army of golems would become.

Completion Edit

<Advisor Belgrum shakes his head in disbelief as you hand him the stone shard.>

<name>, this is amazing. I shall have this brought to the king's mages as soon as possible. They will want to study it to find out if the legends are true. But that is a discussion for another time: you have aided our people more than I would have ever expected--thank you.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 1Gold 30Silver

Inv jewelry amulet 03

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [40] Passing Word of a Threat
  2. Alliance 15 [40] Passing Word of a Threat
  3. Alliance 15 [44+] An Ambassador of Evil
  4. Alliance 15 [45] The Lost Tablets of Will

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