Quest:The Lost Ingots

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Alliance 32 The Lost Ingots
StartWaterlogged Chest
EndGlorin Steelbrow
Difficulty20 25 27 32 37
Experience1,750 XP
or 10Silver50Copper at Level 100
Reputation150 Ironforge
PreviousLightforge Iron
NextBlessed Arm


Gather 5 Lightforge Ingots, then return to Glorin Steelbrow in the Wetlands.


Having grabbed the single lightforge ingot from the waterlogged chest, it is clear that murlocs have stolen the rest. Hunt the murloc raiders near the Flying Osprey wreckage for the lost lightforge iron.


Did you find the lightforge iron you need?


Ah, you found them! Now let's get this lightforge iron hammered into something useful, eh?

Gains Edit

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [23] Deliveries to Sven (optional)
  2. Alliance 15 [25] Sven's Revenge
  3. Alliance 15 [25] Sven's Camp
  4. Alliance 15 [25] The Shadowy Figure
  5. Alliance 15 [25] The Shadowy Search Continues
  6. Alliance 15 [25] Inquire at the Inn
  7. Alliance 15 [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure
  8. Alliance 15 [25] Return to Sven
  9. Alliance 15 [28] Proving Your Worth
  10. Alliance 15 [29] Seeking Wisdom
  11. Alliance 15 [29] The Doomed Fleet
  12. Alliance 15 [29] Lightforge Iron
  13. Alliance 15 [29] The Lost Ingots
  14. Alliance 15 [29] Blessed Arm
  15. Alliance 15 [29] Armed and Ready
  16. Alliance 15 [32G] Morbent Fel

Notes Edit

The Lightforge Ingots were dropped by the Bluegill Raiders near the wreckage. Only four more ingots were needed, as the player already had one in their inventory from completing the previous quest.

Patch ChangesEdit

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):  Removed by The Shattering

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