Quest:The Latest Fashion! (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 The Latest Fashion!
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Isabel Jones
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Isabel Jones
Requires Level 1
Rewards16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

This daily quest requires 475 jewelcrafting

Objectives Edit

Test Stardust No. 2 on 10 "humanoid subjects".

Description Edit

Professor Barnsworth has been working on this new stardust - what with the fashion in Stormwind this season being about all things sparkly, I'm sure if we can get it to the market it will be all the rage! The Jewelcrafter's Association, however, won't let us market it until we've completed some humanoid testing - something about tinkering with magical dust being dangerous or some such nonsense. Well, I suppose we need to humor them. Take this bag and test out Stardust No. 2 on some humanoid subjects.

Completion Edit

It did what!? We're ruined! Hmm. Well, actually... Maybe the professor can find some other applications for it?

Rewards Edit

16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

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