Quest:The Key to Freedom

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Neutral 32 The Key to Freedom
StartGrimesilt Outhouse Key
EndWooden Outhouse
Requires Level 43
CategorySearing Gorge
Experience7,550 XP
or 45Silver30Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Search Searing Gorge and find a use for the Grimesilt Outhouse Key you have found.

Description Edit

The small brass key looks simple enough.. The only thing that seems to make it stand out are some words scratched into the head of it:

"Dark Iron Outhouse - Do Not Duplicate."

You have no idea what it means or what it will lead to.



Who is it? Can't ya see I'm busy?


Well, I'll be! How in tarnation!? You found the key! I knew them blasted Dark Irons were hiding it after they locked me in here! Thank ya so much, <name>. You're the greatest! Now, just turn the key and let ol' Locheed outta here!


  • 7550 XP (or 45Silver at level 70)

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