Objectives Edit

Bring Karnitol's Satchel to Roetten Stonehammer in Ironforge.

Description Edit

Take Karnitol's things back to Roetten in Ironforge and he'll pay you for a job well done.

Haha, if you're not careful, he's gonna be so pleased with ya that he'll ask you to join us full time.

Again, great job, <name>.

Be careful on your way back, and don't take too much time--Karnitol's not the most of patient of men, but he's very generous nonetheless.

Progress Edit

Business is booming, <name>, and I don't have a lot of time for questions. If you've got business with the Reclaimers, then let's hear it. If not, I'm gonna have to ask you to talk to one of me underlings--they're adept enough at taking care of things 'round here.

Completion Edit

Ah, the Karnitol business in Desolace. Excellent!

So, the chest was destroyed, but the items are all here, huh? Well, I'll let him be the judge of that. One good part about this business I got going on here is that if they're not satisfied, I can tell 'em to shove it! They're relyin' on us to find their stuff... not make sure it's all pretty and in good shape when they get it back.

Good work, <name>. Let's see about gettin' you paid.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots 02
Inv shoulder 29

Gains Edit

Quest ProgressionEdit

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