Quest:The Karnitol Shipwreck (3)

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Alliance 32 The Karnitol Shipwreck
StartKreldig Ungor
EndKreldig Ungor
Requires Level 32
Experience3,000 XP
or 18Silver at Level 110
PreviousAlliance 15 [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck (2)
NextAlliance 15 [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck (4)

Objectives Edit

Find Karnitol's Satchel and return it to Kreldig Ungor in Desolace.

Provided Item:

Description Edit


Well, we might not be without hope quite yet.

Along that same coast, but to the north near Ranazjar Isle, there're night elf ruins at the bottom of the ocean. A tribe of naga, the Slitherblade, make that their home. I think that'd be our best bet.

If a scouting party went that far south, then they must've been pretty powerful. If you're gonna find Karnitol's belongings, I'd start with the more powerful naga: the tidehunters or sea witches.

Progress Edit

No offense to whoever Nijel is, but this camp ain't the most comfortable place I've spent a night, if you know what I mean, <name>.

Completion Edit

This is great, <name>! You found Karnitol's belongings!

Those blasted naga, always causing trouble. I think I'd rather spend my life at war with the Horde than have to go against their kind. You've done a great service to the Reclaimers.

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Quest ProgressionEdit

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