Objectives Edit

Lakotae wants you to kill 25 Wood Mites and then return to him at the Refugee Caravan. The mites can be found living inside the bodies of Rotting Forest-Ragers and Infested Root-Walkers.

Description Edit

The trees of this land are ravaged by the power that was unleashed from Auchindoun. The foul magic that was unleashed blasted the land into the wastes you see all around. The trees that survived are now infested with wretched wood mites that crawl under their bark and gnaw at their flesh. Rotting forest-rages and infested root-walkers are breeding grounds for the mites. They are found along the edge of the wood to the east. Destroy these creatures and then kill the mites that flee their husks.

Reward Edit

You will receive:3Gold 30Silver

Completion Edit

You have done much to help Terokkar Forest, <name>.  With the worst of the mite colonies destroyed we may yet be able to reclaim this wasted land.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

Questionmark-medium This section's content needs citations, references, or sources.
  • GM confirms this quest is bugged for shamans. Direct damage works correctly, but wood mites killed by totem damage (such as fire nova) are not counted for quest credit.
    • Wrong. Totems are counted as pets and if "pet" solo's target without its master, the kill does not count for quest or reputations, GM only confirmed to you that it doesn't count.

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