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Horde 32 The Human Condition
StartCommander Louis Philips
EndCommander Louis Philips
Requires Level 60
CategoryAlterac Valley

Objectives Edit

You have been tasked with slaying opposing human players in Alterac Valley.

Kill a human and return to Commander Louis Philips (who wanders between the front lines and Frostwolf keep) with a Human Bone Chip.

A cure for the human condition is close at hand!

Description Edit

Humans are so utterly detestable.

<Commander Philips grimaces.>

While it is true that I am a soldier of Frostwolf, I remain a servant of Sylvanas.

During my tour of duty, I do extra work on the side for the Dark Apothecaries of the Undercity.

I have been tasked with collecting human bone chips that are to be used in curing the human condition.

I am authorized to pass that task on to my subordinates.

Find them. Kill them. Return their bone chips to me.

Reward Edit

You will receive:1Gold 80Silver

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