Quest:The Hostage Soul

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Neutral 32 The Hostage Soul
Requires Level 70
CategoryAshtongue Deathsworn
Reputation+75 Ashtongue Deathsworn
PreviousAn Artifact From the Past
NextEntry Into the Black Temple


Travel to Shattrath City to tell A'dal about Akama's request.


You might wonder why I go to such lengths to hide my intentions. Why not throw my lot in openly with the naaru?

My very essence - my soul - is held prisoner inside the Black Temple. Illidan could destroy me any moment... until now! This phylactery will allow me to regain control of my soul.

The time has come, <name>. I'll lead Maiev and my Deathsworn to Illidan's doorstep.

Speak to A'dal and and tell him of our plan. If we strike together we'll break through Illidan's defenses.


<A'dal's light surrounds you as he welcomes you back. You have a feeling he knows what you're about to ask of him.>

Quest ProgressionEdit

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